FKL-MI knockers


Description and application:

The further developed interval knockers, series FKL-mi, give, as long as pressed air is supplied, separate and repetitive strokes, by which the frequency can be controlled between -30 strokes, WITHOUT applying a timer.

The knocker is supplied with a base plate used to attach the knocker and transmit the impact force. The knocker housing and knocker base plate are made of aluminium. The impact plate –  integrated in the base plate –  is made of special-purpose impact-resistant plastic.

The new and exceptional  technic of the FKL-mi bunkerknockers is that the stroke impuls and the strokes per minute are activated and controlled inside the knockers. Because of this technic an additional necessary  control valve, rapig venting valve etc. will not be necessary.

Between the compressed feeding airconnection and the interval connection, a reducer valve (1/8”) is to be mounted, with which by choice the desired number of strokes per minute of the knocker, the installation, the speed of the required pressed air needed under the stroke piston is managed. As soon as the required amount of pressed air will be under the stroke piston and therefore pushed to the max, the space under the stroke piston will be vented and a stroke will follow. As long as compressed air is supplied, the knocker will operate at the adjusted stroke frequency because of the reducer valve.

At the bottom of the FKL-mi housing there are 2 connectionpoints (1/8”) for the pressed air.

The upper connectionpoint can be used for connecting air directly.

The lower connectionpoint can be used for connecting air directly for the purpose of adjusting the interval.

Installation instructions:

Een luchtinlaatfilter met een doorlaat van 5 micron is absoluut noodzakelijk.

All types of the FKL-mi knockers are supplied with a special basic lubrication, the FKL-mi bunkers can be used without lubrication. Under the condition that filtered and dry pressed air is used for operating the FKL-mi knockers. IMPORTANT:  If oily compressed air is used for operating the knocker, this should be used at all times. Because the oily air is rinsing out the basic lubrication of the knocker.

The standard version FKL-mi knockers can be operated in the temperature range from -20° tot 80°C. For applications at temperatures above 80°special – at request – FKL-mi knockers are available in “high temperature” versions.

Important: the distance between the reducer valve 1/8”, for regulating the frequency-stroke, and the FKL-100 mi may be 1 meter at a maximum.

For the purpose  of the air flow there are 3 air outlet ports within the housing. There can be made a choice of using these outlet ports.

  • When the upper air outlet port is choosen, a stroke of 40Nm will follow.
  • When the middle air outlet port is choosen, a stroke of 20Nm will follow.
  • When the lower air outlet port is choosen, a stroke of 10 Nm will follow.

The compressed air should be set at a minimum of 6 Bar.