FKL-SI knockers


Description and application:

The special feature of this newly developed knocker is broad-band coverage of the impact force adjustment range and interval adjustment range. This has been made possible by an operating pressure of 2 to 7 bar. The impact force can be set pneumatically and/or also mechanically. Thus the knocker can be used for all kinds of applications.

The knocker is supplied with a base plate used to attach the knocker and transmit the impact force. The knocker housing and knocker base plate are made of aluminium. The impact plate (integrated in the base plate) is made of special-purpose impact-resistant plastic.

Installation Instructions:

An airfilter of 5-Micron-filter is absolutely necessary.

All types of the FKL-si series are supplied with a special base lubrication, by which the FKL-si knockers can be applied LUBRICATION FREE. Under the condition that filtered and dry compressed air is used for  operating the FKL-si knockers.

IMPORTANT:  If lubricated compressed air is used for operating the knocker, this should be used at all times. Because the lubricated air is rinsing out the basic lubrication of the knocker.

The standard version knocker can be operated in the temperature range from -20° tot 80°C. Available – on request- are special versions who can operate in the temperature range of -40° to 20°C and above 80° till 130°C.