FP-Pneumatic Piston Vibrator

Description and application:

The FP-series pneumatic piston vibrators produce a linear vibration with a infinitely variable amplitude and frequency. The frequency is controlled by the air pressure.

A spring is used in the vibrator body to aid starting. Minimum operating pressure 2 Bar. The aluminium body is hard coated and is corrosion resistent. The power-to-weight ratio of the unit makes it particularly efficient for feeder applications. Explosion proof, light weight, compact, quiet and efficient, these units are ideal for most applications.

Easy to install and designed to work continuously under the most arduous conditions. Servicing requirements are minimal.

Installation instructions:

5-Micron-Filter necessary! The vibrator can be used without airlubrication. A lubricator must be used to guarantee a long working life. A hydraulic oil ISO VG5 = cST/40°C must be used , for example SHELL Tellus Oil C5 or distilled water instead.

General Maintenance:

The FP-series vibrators have a long life with no undue piston or cylinder wear. The air line filter must be inspected and cleaned at regular intervals. Dirt or contaminated oil will slow down or stop the vibrator.

Optional the vibrators, type FP-25 and -35 can be delivered with an adaptor/baseplate for mounting with 4 bolts at an present fixing plate. For the types FP-50-M, FP-60-M, FP-95-M this baseplate is standard. The standard way to mount for the FP-12 untill -35 is to drill a stud hole in the centre of the baseplate.

Ambient temperature: till 150⁰C