FPLF-Pneumatic Piston Vibrator


Description and application:

(The FPLF vibrators do not need air lubrication.) The piston vibrator – series FPLF- can be compared with the piston vibrators of the FP-series. The FPLF piston vibrators do NOT need air lubrication with oil or destilled water. The FPLF vibrators produce a linear vibration with an infinitely variable amplitude and frequency. The frequency is controlled by the air pressure. The FPLF vibrators are no knockers, which means that the piston of the FPLF does not make contact with the baseplate. A spring is used in the vibrator body to aid starting. Minimum operating pressure 2 Bar (29 P.S.I.) and maximum pressure 6 bar. Vibration is generated by a freely oscillating, automatically reversing piston. Both masses, the piston on the one side and the mass fastened tot he housing on the other, thereby vibrate against each other in proportion to their total weights. Because of that the centrifugal force/time curve is practically sinus-shaped. This feature is ideal for transporting or assisting in the flow and control of many materials.

The aluminium body is hard coated and is corrosion resistant. The FPLF vibrator is chemically resistant and can therefore be applied in the food- and pharmaceutical industry. The power-to-weight ratio of the unit makes it particularly efficient for feeder applications. Explosion proof, light weight, compact, quiet and efficient, these units are ideal for most applications. Easy to install and designed to work continuously under the most arduous conditions. Maintenance is therefore hardly necessary.

The baseplate of the FPLF vibrators is provided with a hole with an threaded insert, by which the vibrator can be mounted by just 1 bolt. The in- and outlet port, which are supplied with an threaded insert for mounting the compressed air, is situated at the side of the vibrating body and in the top plate. A standard or FreeFlow silencer can be mounted at the outlet port. Possibly a flexible air pressure tube can be mounted to the outlet port, with a maximum length of 2 m and a diameter minimum of 2x the inner diameter of the air inlet tube. The maximum ambient temperature for the FPLF vibrators is 80⁰C. The vibrators – series FPLF- can be mounted in all working positions. Only dry and filtered pressed air (filter 5 um) can be used for feeding the FPLF vibrators.

Optional the vibrators, type FPLF-25 and -35 can be delivered with an adaptor/baseplate for mounting with 4 bolts at an present fixing plate. For the types FPLF-50-M, FPLF-60-M, FPLF-95-M this baseplate is standard. The standard way to mount for the FPLF-12 untill -35 is to drill a stud hole in the centre of the baseplate.

Ambient temperature:  0 till 80⁰C

Maximum pressure: 6 Bar