Ball vibrators K-Series

Manufactured with a rustproof extruded aluminium body fitted with hardened steel races on which a steel ball rotates.

Nylon end plates are located on either side to contain the ball and prevent the ingress of dust and water, thus allowing the unit to be used in dusty or wet environments. Inlet and exhaust ports have standard pipe threads, allowing the exhaust air to be piped away, ensuring that no restriction is imposed to exhaust air. Four mounting holes are provided, two vertically and two horizontally for handling difficult mounting positions.

To get the best result we advise to make use of a silencer.

In the air supply a filter and oil nebulizer are to be mounted, in order to garantee a long servicelife of the vibrators. We recommend hydraulic oil, which meets ISO VG5= 5cSt/40C e.g. Shell Oil Tellus R5.


The series K has small dimensions and the frequency of these pneumatic ball vibrators can simply be controlled by vary the inlet airpressure, by which this will be applicable for example:

  • Assisting the flow of material from chutes & hoppers
  • Preventing bottles and similar objects from locking together & blocking conveyor systems
  • Compaction of material in containers of moulds
  • Separation of various sizes of material on screens

Ambient temperature:  till 100⁰C

Special HT model: 0 till 150⁰C

Noise level 75 tot 85 dBA