R series – Pneumatic Roller Vibrator

Description: These compact pneumatic vibrators are simple in design  and yet capable of delivering very high centrifugal forces.

The body is machined from an extruded aluminium  section, inside  of which a precision steel roller rotates, it is retained by two special high impact plastic end plates.  For easy mounting, the body has four holes, two horizontaly and two verticaly.

Air is introduced through one of two inlet ports drilled at right angles to each other in the body. These inlet ports are tapped with a standard pipe thread and a pipe plug is provided for sealing the one not used. The air is exhausted through the special high impact end plates whose design incorporates an air silencer. In the air supply a filter and oil nebulizer are to be mounted, in order to garantee a long servicelife of the vibrators. We recommend hydraulic oil, which meets ISO VG5= 5cSt/40C e.g. Shell Oil Tellus R5.


Series R high frequency pneumatic roller vibrators provide a new approach in the movement of fine materials. Beign pneumatically powered, the frequency can be controlled by the regulation of air pressure.

Examples of their uses include:

  • Emptying hoppers
  • Agitation of small particles
  • Moving of fine powders
  • Compaction of plastic and concrete in moulds

Ambient temperature:  till 150⁰C
Noise level: 75 tot 100 dBA