Turbine vibrators T-Series:

A low speed range and a large working moment are combined in these vibrators to produce a powerful vibration with high amplitude. The body is machined from an aluminium extrusion which is tempered and hard anodized. It is chemically resistant and suitable for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The LP-vibrators (low pressure) works most economically between 2 and 4 bar , while the HP-vibrators (high pressure) shows the best results between 4 and 6 bar.

In this range the frequency of vibration can be varied by regulation of the air pressure, thus enabling the vibrator to  be turned to suit the application. These pneumatic turbine vibrators have a low noise level. The noise measured in the proximity of the silencer may be reduced to half when an exhaust hose is used.

Operating temperature: -40 tot 100°C
Noise level range 65-80 dBA


The vibration is produced by the centrifugal force of the rotor which has a large excentric moment. The rotor is supported on two heavy duty bearings which ensure a long working life even when used at maximum speed.

Installation instructions:

An air line filter and lubricator must be used to guarantee a long working life of the bearings. A hydraulic oil ISO VG5=5 cST/40⁰C must be used, for example SHELL Tellus Oil C5.

The fixing bolts should at least have a quality of 8.8 or higher. The surface into which the vibrator is to be mounted should be absolutely flat. Mounting the vibrator to an uneven surface may distort the vibrator body and cause the turbine to give less than designed performance.