Electronical controllers

Our line of controllers is especially designed for regulating vibrating magnets. These high quality controllers are deliverable in a circuit version, in a plastic- or metal box or mounted on a DIN35 baseplate. The models with a sensor stabilizes not only the line voltage variations, but also the variations of charge and flexibility of the leaf-springs. An indispensable component!

R-line controllers

The R-line is a base controller. Good, simple and reliable. Till 5 amp, 230 Volt. Available in a plastic box but also as a circuit version. This line has: input On/Off – slow/fast ramp – adjustment vibration min/max – led on – line input with schuko plug- vibrator output  with connector.

CV-line controllers

The CV-line is available  in a metallic box but also as a circuit. Depending on the current, available in 230 volt and in 400 volt. It has all the options of the R-line added with double stabilization, regulation via 0-10 volt or 0-20 mA is possible.  Also available with a sensor for controlling the amplitude.

FQ1NDIG controllers

The FQ-line is a combination-controller combining a thyristor controller with a vibrating magnet till 8 amp, 230V. This controller has many possibilities, also with NPN/PNP sensors controling or external 0-10 volt or 0-20mA regulation. Digital regulation with adjustable software. Also to be used with an amplitude lamp alarm.

FQ1-DIG-LCD controllers

This type of FQ-controller is the forerunner of the FQNDIG, but still very populair. Effective controller with also many possibilities e.g. amplitude lamp alarm, 0-10 volt and 0-20 mA regulation. The software is slightly less adjustable.