Pneumatic knockers

Bunkers on air are available in several types. Below you will find several models.

FPK bunkers/

Piston vibrators and  high frequent knockers of the FPK series cause a linear vibration with a big/large amplitude reach and are adjustable by compressed  air. The FPK unites the advantages of a vibrator : e.g. fluidising of powders etc., with the advantages of a buncker:  e.g. knocking off adhering material and bridgeblocking.

FKL-IN pneumatic knockers

The special feature for this further developed knocker is the design of a particularly compact unit. In addition, the knocker is flexible in its use,  as it is suitable for the single-impact mode and also for the auto-repeat-impact mode.

FKL-SI pneumatic knockers

The special feature of this newly developed knocker is broad-band coverage of the impact force adjustment range and interval adjustment range. This has been made possible by an operating pressure of 2 to 7 bar.

FKL-MI pneumatic knockers

The further developed interval knockers, series FKL-mi, give, as long as pressed air is supplied, separate and repetitive strokes, by which the frequency can be controlled between -30 strokes, WITHOUT applying a timer.