Linear pneumatic vibrators

Vibrators on compressed air are available in several models. Below you will find the several types.

Linear FP-series

The FP-series pneumatic piston vibrators produce a linear vibration with a infinitely variable amplitude and frequency. The frequency is controlled by the air pressure. A spring is used in the vibrator body to aid starting. Minimum operating pressure 2 Bar. The aluminium body is hard coated and is corrosion resistent.

Linear FPLF-series

Description and application: (The FPLF vibrators do not need air lubrication.) The piston vibrator – series FPLF- can be compared with the piston vibrators of the FP-series. The FPLF piston vibrators do NOT need air lubrication with oil or destilled water

Linear FAL-series

Linear vibrating force is delivered by a noiseless air cushioned piston. Frequency an amplitude can be regulated independently. Either piston or case can be used as a vibration inducer. Using additional masses the vibrator is able to work at low frequencies, down to 10 Hz and to generate large amplitudes.

Linear VTL-series

The piston vibrators –VTL Serie-  distinguishes from the other Findeva vibrators, by being equiped with a freely flying piston. The housing is normally mounted to a steady mass (e.g.  machine or construction) while the freely flying piston can vibrate or is mounted to a mass to be vibrated.