FAL Pneumatic Piston Vibrator

(with freely flying piston)


Description and application:

Linear vibrating force is delivered by a noiseless air cushioned piston. Frequency an amplitude can be regulated independently. Either piston or case can be used as a vibration inducer.  Using additional masses the vibrator is able to work at low frequencies, down to 10 Hz and to generate large amplitudes. FAL vibrators combine the advantages of low frequency rotary vibrators (large amplitudes) with those of magnetic vibrators (adjustable amplitudes). Additionaly, they have the advantage of being able to select the most suitable frequency to obtain optimum results.

The FAL vibrators are no knockers, which means that the piston of the FAL does not make contact with the baseplate. A spring is used in the vibrator body to aid starting. Minimum operating pressure 2 Bar (29 P.S.I.) and maximum pressure 6 bar. Vibration is generated by a freely oscillating, automatically reversing piston. Both masses, the piston on the one side and the mass fastened tot he housing on the other, thereby vibrate against each other in proportion to their total weights. Because of that the centrifugal force/time curve is practically sinus-shaped. This feature is ideal for transporting or assisting in the flow and control of many materials

The FAL vibrator is chemically resistant and can therefore be applied in the food- and pharmaceutical industry. The power-to-weight ratio of the unit makes it particularly efficient for feeder applications. Explosion proof, light weight, compact, quiet and efficient, these units are ideal for most applications. Easy to install and designed to work continuously under the most arduous conditions

Installation instructions:

An airline filter of 5 micron is definitely necessary. The baseplate and the extending piston of the FAL vibrator are provided with a stud hole with an threaded insert, by which the vibrator, or according to the application, the extending piston can be mounted by just 1 bolt. The vibrating body locates the compressed air hose in- and outlet port (both supplied with internal thread), in which a compressed air nipple and silincer can be mounted.

The ambient temperature for the FAL vibrators may not exceed the maximum of 80 degrees Celsius. The FAL vibrators are able to work with higher temperatures but this will have declining effect on the vibrating power because of the loss of air due to expansion. FAL vibrators can be mounted in every working position.

Ambient temperature: 0 till 80 °C
Maximum pressure: 6Bar = 87 PSI