Rotating pneumatic vibrators

Compressed air vibrators are available in several types. Below you will find the various models.

Ball vibrators K-series

Manufactured with a rustproof extruded aluminium body fitted with hardened steel races on which a steel ball rotates. Nylon end plates are located on either side to contain the ball and prevent the ingress of dust and water, thus allowing the unit to be used in dusty or wet environments.

Roller vibrator R-series

These compact pneumatic vibrators are simple in design  and yet capable of deliverieng very high centrifugal forces. The body is machined from an extruded aluminium  section, inside  of which a precision steel roller rotates, it is retained by two special high impact plastic end plates.

Roller vibrator DAR-series

The Dar pneumatic series roller vibrators compliment our existing range of roller vibrators particularly for concrete applications. The new design features provide a more robust vibrator, suitable for use under the most arduous conditions. The body is machined from an extruded aluminium section, inside of which a precision iron roller rotates in high tensile steel races

Turbine vibrator T-series

A low speed range and a large working moment are combined in these vibrators to produce a powerful vibration with high amplitude. The body is machined from an aluminium extrusion which is tempered and hard anodized.

Turbine vibrator GT-series

A high speed range and excentric working moments are combined in these vibrators to produce a powerful vibration. The body is made from an extruded stove enamelled aluminium section and the hard coated end plates enables the vibrators to be used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Turbine vibrator GTRF-series

The turbine vibrators of the GT-RF series depends on the classic GT-series (golden turbine). Except the body and the end plate. They are made of stainless steel, so that the hole outer surface is stainless steel.