Pneumatic knocker FKL-IN

Lubrication free

The special feature for this further developed knocker is the design of a particularly compact unit. In addition, the knocker is flexible in its use,  as it is suitable for the single-impact mode and also for the auto-repeat-impact mode.

Impact Force:

Using the single-impact mode, the impact force can be regulated by varying the input pressure steplessly. Using the interval impact self control there is just a Pneumatic  Self Control (PST)  required (optional available) and a choice can be made, by using 3 of the sideways ports at the knocker, out of 3 different impact strengths available.

The added pressed air has at that moment a certain prescribed value.


Using the single-impact mode, the impact is initiated by opening and closing a preceding 3/2-way valve (optional). The activation of the valve takes place by a electronic timer (optional , e.g. on the magnetic valve) or by a external PLC-control.

Using the auto-repeat-impact mode the knocker is activated by a 3/2-way valve (optional) and the pneumatic self-control (PST) will automatically start or stop the knocker.

The pulsing can be adjusted at the throttle valve of the pneumatic self-control (PST). As long as the 3/2 valve is not closed the knocker will proceed.

For mounting the knocker and  transfering the impact pulse to the construction, the knocker is supplied with a base plate. The knocker casing and base plate are made of aluminium. The impact plate (intergrated in the base plate) is made of impact resistant special plastic.

The knocker can replace the current types

The pneumatic knocker can be operated with dry compressed air without lubrication. Once lubricated compressed air is used, this should be used at all times. Because the lubricated air is rinsing out the basic lubrication of the knocker.

The standard version knocker can be operated in the temperature range from -10° tot 80°C. Available are special versions who can operate in the temperature range of -40° till 150°C.