Pneumatic knocker FPK

Lubrication free

Piston vibrators and  high frequent knockers of the FPK series cause a linear vibration with a big/large amplitude reach and are adjustable by compressed  air.

The FPK unites the advantages of a vibrator : e.g. fluidising of powders etc., with the advantages of a buncker:  e.g. knocking off adhering material and bridgeblocking.

Standard, for an effective impact, the FPK is  provided with a hardened baffle plate, a soft baffle plate is also included. At choice the FPK will be a hard or soft beating high frequency vibrator/knocker.

The hardened and anodised aluminium housing of the vibrator is corrosion restitant. The FPK is chemically resistant and can therefore be used  in the food- and pharmaceutical industry. The FPK has a compact design, is easily to mount and is designed for continuous operation under the most severe circumstances. The combination of the weight and the FPK strength makes the knocker most efficient. The FPK needs very little maintenance.

The FPK is oil/water-lubrication free.

Ambient temperature: 5 – 80°C
Maximum pressure: 6 Bar= 87 PSI

Available in Atex: EX II 2G/D c T6 T85°C